Vampirium: Millennium of Shadows

When Wyatt Kent discovers his trouble-making cousin Kody is coming to live with him, he’s convinced his life can’t get any worse. Boring new town. No friends. Crazy nosebleeds. Of course, this is before a thousand year old vampire informs him that these same nosebleeds are a genetic trait, marking him as a half-blood descendant of an ancient race known as the Vampirium. Imbued with a new ability to travel through shadows, Wyatt must work alongside Kody in order to defeat an ancient evil before they can rise to power and wipe humanity out once and for all.

ISBN-13: 978-1-933925-00-4
ISBN: 1933925000

Written by: Justin Cline
Cover Art by: Jim Daly III
Created by: Shannon Eric Denton and Justin Cline

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