KnightStar: Knight of the Starborne

Interstellar action and family bonding collide when a girl and her father are given extraterrestrial powers—but their newfound gifts could spell doom for themselves, and for Earth!

Marie Bernardin and her father Edgar are stargazing when a meteorite crashes into their campsite and engulfs them in an unearthly energy. Afterward they each discover they have been granted new abilities. But others were tracking the meteorite, others from the same space battle it escaped, and they are determined to retrieve or destroy the gifts it contained—at any cost. Now Marie and Edgar must learn to harness their new powers in time to protect themselves against a threat from beyond the stars. They must become the next KnightStar!

Author: Aaron Rosenberg
Cover Art: John Cboins
Created by: Shannon Eric Denton and Aaron Rosenberg

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