Zombie Monkey Monster Jamboree

The camping trip in Arizona’s White Mountains is Skeeter McGill’s first as patrol leader, and with the big Jamboree coming up, he has a lot riding on his success. So when things start to go wrong — the scout leaders bringing the food get lost, rain douses the campers’ spirits and fires — Skeeter’s debut looks like a major dud. And, just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, they do. Some of the scouts find an old cabin in the woods, and near it a mysterious sealed crate. When it’s opened, zombie monkeys from beyond the grave are unleashed, and Skeeter’s bad night goes into overdrive!

Author: J.J. Hart
Illustrator: Will Meugniot
Created by: Shannon Eric Denton, Patrick Coyle, Will Meuginot and J.J. Hart

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